Managing director of Dieffenbacher India retires having served 10 years

8 February 2018

The managing director of Dieffenbacher India Pvt Ltd, Ravichandra Tavag, has retired having served the company for more than 10 years.

He was deeply involved in successfully establishing Dieffenbacher India Pvt Ltd in Bengaluru in 2007 and his contributions enabled the Dieffenbacher Group to make remarkable strides in the Indian board industry.

During Mr Tavag’s tenure, Greenply Industries Limited purchased in 2008 India’s first ever CPS continuous press for the panel industry, doubling MDF production in India.

Another key transaction included Associate Décors (former Star Panel) purchase of India’s first CPS continuous press for particleboard.

Most recently, in 2015, Greenply placed a repeat order for an MDF plant in Srikalahasti. Sachin Pendharkar takes over from Mr Tavag. Mr Pendharkar became a Dieffenbacher director in 2017.