Italian capacity listing change required in particleboard survey

23 October 2018

Since publishing our Particleboard Survey Part 1 in the last issue (October/November 2018), we have been advised of a change required to the Italian capacity listing.

Riccardo Ferrari, owner of Riferri Sas, has advised us that we inadvertently omitted the long-established Lombardi company, of Mortegliano City, close to Udine in the east of the country.

The mill currently has a Siempelkamp multi-opening press and a Pagnoni single-opening one. Total capacity for the company is about 70,000m3/year.

It will be included in our survey next year.

“It is one of only three plants in Italy that utilise virgin wood, while all the rest of the production (98%) employs recycled wood,” said Mr Ferrari.

From other sources, we understand that it is possible that the company is planning some expansion in the near future.