Evertree opens first innovation centre which could revolutionise panel industry

13 July 2017

French government backed and with high profile private company investors, new company Evertree, specialising in the development of viable alternatives to fossil-based products using new techniques to exploit vegetable proteins, a renewable and promising agricultural raw material, has announced the opening in Venette in Northern France of its first innovation centre.

Opened on July 10, the centre has created 10 jobs, which includes six research scientists. More than 50 innovation projects are under way either to finalise the development of SynerXiD, the first family of products designed, manufactured and sold by Evertree to the wood based composite panels industry, or to prepare the launch of new products and applications.

The first studies by Evertree focused on manufacturing a resin additive obtained using rapeseed protein. This innovation opened the way towards a new generation of wood based composite panels. It gave rise to SynerXiD, the first family of products that can now reduce, or even avoid, the use of formaldehyde in these panels.